Air Vise UR+ Package

Air Vise UR+ Package
The Air Vise UR+ Package is a certified and approved UR+ product.

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The Air Vise UR+ package is ideal for shops looking to seamlessly make the transition to automated machine tending with a UR Robot.
 : $1,695.00

Product Code: AV-UR-KT

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Details Specs UR+ Cap
The Air Vise Table Vise is a pneumatic vise designed to streamline production with its quick change jaws. The table vise seamlessly integrates with UR robots allowing the vise to be opened and closed through the robots IO tab. The Air Vise's reliable and consistent clamping force allows you to automate your machine tending and still guarantee quality precision parts.

  • Air Vise of Your Choice
  • Air Vise Mounting Kit with 1/4" OD Tube Fittings
  • Solenoid Kit with 1/4" OD Tube Fittings
  • 20ft Surethane 1/4" OD Tubing
  • USB Stick Containing Air Vise UR Cap Software and Manual

Air Vise UR+
  • Self-Centering 4x3 quick change machinable jaws
  • Consistent and repeatable clamping
  • 6" x 6" footprint to maximize table space
  • 2500lbf of clamping force at 110psi
  • .165" jaw stroke allowing easy robot part placement for uniquely shaped parts
  • ID Clamping capabilities
  • Universal robot controls vise through IO tab

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